Smarter Investment


Nuuu- Your smart finance toolkit is a modern fintech app that helps you make informed and smart decisions.
Whether you are looking to trade in stocks, invest in MFs or buy insurance, we provide all the financial products to meet your needs.

Our Beliefs

Low Costing

Investing shouldn’t be expensive, so we charge a nominal fee or 0* fee for all your investments.


Always working towards, providing smarter solutions to help you stay on top of your financial goals.

Customer Is The Hero

We strive to provide you a seamless user experience, which will help you, achieve all your financial milestones in every stage of life.


We’re different. We make things simple because we want our customers to be completely aware of everything to do with their investments.

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Get the best in class, customised equity and portfolio advice that is timely, smart and actionable

Mutual Funds

Diversify your portfolio and create wealth for long-term


Take charge of all your insurance and financial needs