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Charges Explained

In Nuuu, we have simplified brokerage fees by implementing flat fees on intraday trading and making security delivery to your DEMAT, free for the lifetime. But there are still some charges and taxes that we need to collect from you. We prefer maintaining transparency at every level, and hence, here is a complete list of all the charges applicable to your transaction.

Please note these charges may change in the future and as per government and regulatory directives.

Security Transaction Tax (STT)
It’s a direct tax levied on every security transaction in the exchange, collected by the broker. STT is charged on both buying and selling on equity delivery, and on selling on intraday and F&O.

Transaction / Turnover Charges
Transaction / Turnover charges are levied by exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX) and clearing charges are levied by clearing member for settling trades done by the clients.

Square-off charges
These charges are levied if your open positions are auto squared-off By Nuuu. For e.g.: Margin square-off, RMS square-off, Auto square-off, contract expiry, etc.

Stamp Charges
Until now, variable stamp charges applied at different states as per the Stamp Duty Act of 1899 on instruments transacted in the stock exchange. From July 1 2020, the government has decided to replace the current system with new uniform stamp duty rates in shares, debentures, futures and options, currency, and other capital assets. Please refer to the list above for the current rates.

An 18 percent GST applies on brokerage, transaction charges, SEBI Charges and Risk Management charges.

SEBI Charges
The Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) charges fees on security transactions for regulating the market. Please check the above table for rates

Delayed Payment Charges
Interest is levied at 10% per annum on the debit balance in your trading account.

For Delivery based trades, a minimum of ₹0.01 will be charged per contract note. Clients who opt to receive physical contract notes will be charged ₹20 per contract note plus courier charges. Brokerage will not exceed the rates specified by SEBI and the exchanges. All statutory and regulatory charges will be levied at actuals. Brokerage is also charged on expired, exercised, and assigned options contracts. Free investments are available only for our retail individual clients. Companies, Partnerships, Trusts, and HUFs need to pay 0.1% or ₹20 (whichever is less) as delivery brokerage. A brokerage of 0.25% of the contract value will be charged for contracts where physical delivery happens. For netted off positions in physically settled contracts, a brokerage of 0.1% will be charged.