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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The average day for an intraday trader consists of five or six hours of buying and selling. Someone self-motivated, well-informed, comfortable with uncertainty, and willing to set and adhere to strict stop-loss and take-profit levels would be a good match.

    • Take your position and close it before the day's trading is through in intraday trading. Equity intraday trading hours are Monday through Friday, 9:15 am to 3:15 pm EST.

      However, the first two hours after the markets open are optimal for intraday trading. You may base your trading decisions on the range that a stock's price has established during the first half an hour of trade.

    • The only things holding you back are your resources and risk tolerance. With the margin financing option, you may trade with as much as ten times the value of your account, greatly expanding your potential profits.

    • Intraday trading is most profitable when the market's direction and momentum can be predicted. Otherwise, you can waste more time than necessary setting off stop-loss orders. Remember that turbulent markets may surprise you in the best and the worst possible ways.