Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation / Termination

Currently, account opening will take upto 72 hours (if done manually) after receipt of duly filled and signed account opening form along with all necessary supporting documents. However, if the account is opened through our online portal, the account opening would take a maximum of 24 hours (if there are no queries from the KYC team and if all the pages are properly filled with clear & correct document upload). For account closure, client has to ensure that all outstanding dues are fully paid. Thereafter, you may place the closure request which may take up to 72 hours for processing.

If you wish to cancel an account that you have opened with us, then, please send your cancellation request to our CRM team within 12 hours of the submission of your application with us. On receipt of the cancellation request, the account opening shall not be proceeded with.

Refund Policy

For a refund, please place a refund request with the CRM team within seven days of making the payment, along with the payments details like the Card / Bank Account Number, Transaction Number, etc. Refund shall be provided only for any excess payment of account opening charges made to us during your application process for online account opening after confirmation from the banking partner with respect to receipt of such payment from you. No refund of account opening charges shall be made once the account is opened with us. Once your account is opened any payments made thereafter will be credited towards your account and there shall be no refunds. To withdraw any amount from such account you may place withdrawal request through our mobile trading app or through the dealer/ client web terminal. If you have opened your account through our Authorised Partner, you need to request your Authorised Partner to place the request on your behalf. You can also write to us at for placing a withdrawal request.