Simple Interest Calculator

Monthly investment
Expected return rate (p.a) %
Time Period Yrs

Total Amount

₹ 58,08,477

Principal Amount

₹ 100000

Total Interest

₹ 28,08,477

What is a Simple Interest Calculator?

A simple interest calculation takes a sum of money (principal) and calculates regular interest on that amount, without the effect of compounding. This is in direct contrast to compound interest, where accumulated interest is added back to the principal for each calculation, so that you effectively earn interest on already accumulated interest. It is this difference that makes the simple interest calculation widely regarded as least advantageous to savers and most advantageous to borrowers.

How Does Simple Interest Calculators work?

The simple interest calculation only requires three inputs, which are the principal (or present value of the amount lent), the interest rate, and the number of time periods over which the principal is lent. Simply multiply the principal by the interest rate to get the amount of interest earned in one time period, and multiply that interest by the number of time periods over which the investment will grow in order to calculate how much interest the lender will earn in total. Generally, the time periods are years, but the periods can be days or weeks or any time period for that matter, as long as the rate is the rate given for the matching time period. The formula is shown below:

The formula for simple interest is A = P(1 + rt), where P is the initial principal, r is the interest rate and t is the time in years.

Benefits of Simple Interest Calculator

  • Simple Interest Calculator shows you the simple interest on your deposit in few seconds.
  • Easy comparison on simple interest rates against the compound interest rates and determine the interest you pay on any loanx


What is the rate of interest in simpler interest calculators?

The interest rate is the cost of borrowing the loan or the return on the investment option that uses simple interest. For example, the interest rate offered on a fixed deposit with quarterly/monthly withdrawal is 7%, then 7% is the simple interest you need to use when calculating simple interest

How does Nuuu Simple Interest Calculator help you to choose an investment?

The Nuuu Simple Interest Calculator shows you the compound interest that you earn on investments. The simple interest calculator has a formula box, where you enter the principal amount, annual rate, and period in days, months, or years. The calculator will display interest on the loan or the investment