Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

Total investment
Expected return rate (p.a) %
Time Period Yrs

Total Investment

₹ 25,000

Est Returns

₹ 52,646

Total value

₹ 77,646

What is a Mutual Fund Calculator?

A mutual fund calculator is a simulation that helps you calculate the estimated returns on your mutual fund investments. To simplify, this tool predicts the overall returns that you would receive from a mutual fund investment upon maturity. It allows you to plan and budget your financial goals, as you already know the amount of money you will get at the maturity.  You can select which route of investment you prefer SIP investment or a lump sum investment. 

Mutual funds are a great way to meet any of your investment goals. Use a mutual fund returns calculator to find the capital gain as well as the maturity amount of your mutual fund investments.

How to use Mutual Fund Calculator?

  • Enter the amount you would like to invest 
  • Add the number of years and expected rate of return. The longer the time horizon, the greater the potential returns
  • Within seconds the appreciated amount of your investment at the end of the specified tenure will be reflected

How Mutual Fund Calculator Help You?

There are different types of Mutual Funds returns from absolute return, total return, point to point return to rolling return trailing return an investor should know. It can be overwhelming as an investor to keep in mind all these factors. But with Mutual Fund Calculator it can be easy.

  • It helps you do better financial planning based on the estimated returns
  • It provides you estimate investment returns for 1 year, 3 years and 5 years
  • You need not to be an expert to use the calculator. It’s easy and simple to navigate

Advantages of using Mutual Fund Calculator

  • There are only advantages of using Mutual Fund Calculator
  • It is an online tool and you can access it 24X7 anytime anywhere, making your financial planning on the go
  • You don’t need to do any calculations manually saving you lot of time
  • It allows you to understand  ( fairly accurate estimate) the returns of your mutual funds investment
  • You can tweak the values such as investment amount, investment strategy (that determines rate of return), and duration to compare returns for different scenarios.

Nature of the investment

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) investment:  Under this plan, you can invest monthly in a mutual fund scheme. In this way, you can get the benefit of rupee cost averaging and enjoy the power of compounding.

Lump-sum investment: You may invest a considerable portion of your disposable income in a mutual fund scheme of your choice. However, investing a lump sum involves higher risk hence SIP route is most preferred.


What is the minimum and maximum amount that I can invest?

The minimum amount required to start a SIP varies depending on the particular scheme of a mutual fund. The minimum amount may be as low as Rs.100. There is no upper ceiling on the amount investment. 

How much to invest to get 5,00,000 in 4 years in mutual funds?

You may invest a lump sum amount in mutual funds or even through the SIP route. You can invest just Rs 1000 per installment in the mutual fund scheme of your choice through the SIP. Consider using Nuuu Mutual Fund Returns Calculator to determine how much to invest to get Rs 5,00,000 in 4 years.

Is there a possibility of negative returns on MFs?

Yes there is always a risk of negative returns; however such circumstances can be avoided by proper planning and expert guidance