Financial Calculators

Simple and Easy to use financial calculator helps you create your own customized investment plans

Stock Market Calculators


Calculate the brokerage amount or fees you need to execute trades for your stock orders

Stop Loss

Determine what price at which to set a stop-loss for a security that you are holding in your investment portfolio


Options trading calculator helps you calculate potential profit or loss from trading options contracts.

Future Value

Determine the future value of an investment or savings account with future value calculator.

Mutual Funds Calculators


Calculate the potential returns from a systematic investment plan (SIP) with SIP calculator


Reach your financial targets, by calculating the potential returns from a one-time investment with Lumpsum Calculator

MF Returns

Check out MF Returns Calculator to calculate the return value of your Mutual Fund investments

Compound Interest

Plan and budget your potential returns from the investments using the Compound Interest Calculator

Investment Calculators

Simple Interest

Determine the interest on your savings, loans, or investments using SI Calculator


Estimate potential returns from your investment in a PPF account using PPF Calculator


Online CGAR Calculator helps you calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate of an investment


FD Calculator assists you in calculating how much interest you can receive by investing in a fixed deposit

Tax Planning Calculators

Income Tax

Estimate your taxes based on your income with easy-to-use online Income Tax Calculator


Calculate your house rent allowance (HRA) with our easy-to-use online HRA Calculator

Advance Tax

Calculate your Advance Tax liability (HRA) with our easy-to-use online HRA Calculator


Use our Gratuity Calculator to estimate how many gratuities you will get when you retire


Our Pension Calculator illustrates your payable income tax with minimal effort

Leave Enchashment

Calculate the amount you receive in exchange for leave not availed with Leave Encashment Calculator


Estimate your potential advance tax on agricultural investments with Agriculture Calculator

Relief U/S 89

Calculate your tax payable in respective years on arrears with our online Relief U/S 89 Calculator

Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt Calculator will help you estimate what portion you could save on your HRA

New V/s Old Tax Regimes

New vs Old Tax Calculator, helps provide a comparison between Old and New tax regimes


Estimate tax liabilites on Rent Free Accomoditon with our RFA Calculator

Tax Audit

Tax Audit Calculator assists you with revenue calculation of investments and income