How to Make Money Investing in Indian Stocks

Your money is invested in your stock trading strategies. You gain money when you stick to your established procedures. These are simply rules that must be followed in order to invest in Indian equities. If you break your own stock trading rules, though, you will almost certainly lose money. The techniques can be used to trade all forms of stocks, futures, derivatives, and options.

It’s critical to remember Indian stock trading guidelines once you’ve established a solid foundation. Here’s a tried-and-true strategy that can pay well. Read these rules before you begin your stock trading day, and then read them again at the end of the day. Internalize it and make it self-centred for a deeper comprehension. Now read it as if you’re committing to obeying each rule to the letter.

Stick to the fundamentals.

Method 1: I have to stick to my rules.

Naturally, if you create a set of rules, you must obey them. It’s human nature to desire to deviate from or break norms, and it takes discipline to stick to the set rules.

Take precautions.

Method 2: On each given stock trade, I will never risk more than 3% of my overall investment portfolio.

In the stock market, there is an old adage that says, “There are many old traders.” There are a lot of daring merchants. Old courageous traders, on the other hand, are never seen. Protecting your spare cash is essential for long-term stock market trading success.

Reduce the loss

Method 3: If I’m mistaken, I’ll cut my losses by 5% to 15% without hesitation.

Some traders have a far lower risk tolerance. The objective here is to have set points (stop losses) that are within your loss tolerance. Keep track of your stock’s performance and stick to your stop-loss order.

Make a margin.

Method 4: Never, ever, ever set a pricing target.

This is a strategy that will help me make the most of rising stock prices. Just sit back and watch the money roll in. In reality, you’ll never be able to pick tops. Never believe that a stock has risen too quickly. Be willing to give back a significant portion of your gains in exchange for substantially larger profits.

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Trading the truly savvy moves that you can make when you grasp the subtleties of the Indian share market is where the major money is generated.

Not a jack of all trades

Method 5: Focus on a single style.

Continue to learn and improve at this one type of trading. Never switch from one trading strategy to the next. Rather than being average at integrating numerous styles, master one.


Method 6: I’ll use pricing and volume to guide me.

Never pay attention to anyone’s opinion regarding the stock market or specific equities you’re considering or presently trading. The pricing and quantity reflect everything. In the Indian stock market, the pricing component is quite crucial.


Method 7: Collect all of the valid signals that appear.

Make no apologies. If an entry signal appears, there is no reason to ignore it.

Precautions taken during the day

Method #8: Do not trade intraday data. During the course of any trading day, stock prices will fluctuate. When it comes to momentum trading, relying on this data can lead to some poor decisions.


Method 9: Take a break.

Trading isn’t the only aspect of successful stock trading. It’s also about mental fortitude and physical stamina. Every day, take a break from your laptop or smartphone and work on something else to relieve tension. A trader who is stressed out will not succeed in the long run.

Be astute.

Method ten: Become a better trader than the average.

You don’t need to do anything extraordinary to succeed in online stock trading. Simply said, you must not follow in the footsteps of the average trader. The ordinary trader is indecisive and unfocused. “Did I follow my set methods today?” ask yourself every day. If you answered no, you are in serious trouble and need to recommit to your stock trading guidelines.

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