Budget 2023: Mahila Samman Saving Certificate- New Savings Scheme for Women

This will be a one-time small saving scheme, and ‘Mahila Samman Bachat Yojna’ will be available for two years until March 2025. This will allow a deposit facility of up to Rs. 2,00,000 for girls and women with a fixed interest rate of 7.5% with the option of partial withdrawal.

Income Tax in Budget 2023 Highlights

Introduction:  The Finance Minister, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman announced Union Budget today on Wednesday. The salaried class look forward to the budget and income tax incentives. The Finance Minister adjusted the tax slabs to relieve the middle class. Let’s understand the new tax slab announced in budget 2023 and how it is different from the old […]

Everything You Need to Know about the Union Budget 2023-24

Union Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman presented the Union Budget 2023-24 today. It was the fifth budget of the Modi 2.0 government on Wednesday. She opened the budget and talked about growth and opportunities, and announced that India’s economic outlook is better than in pre-pandemic years. So let’s dive in and see budget 2023 highlights: 

Opening Range Breakout Strategy Explained

Did you know that you can predict a stock’s movement and earn profits based on breakouts? Opening Range Breakout (ORB) strategy is a short term trading method. When you are studying a chart, the candle’s position determines what entry you should take. If you notice a break in the first candle’s high, you have to take a long entry. On the contrary, a broken low indicates a short entry. The breakout is studied across time frames as one must understand where the stock is moving within a selected interval. The time frames (TF) are usually 5, 15, or 65 minutes. The more the TF, the more substantial the breakout. This helps you manage risks at the low of the break out bars or the day’s general low.

Stocks Related to Digital India

Did you know that in 2015, the Indian government launched the ‘Digital India’ initiative for empowering the country to be more “digital advanced”? This new wave of digitalization increased the popularity of relevant stocks among curious investors.

Small Cap FMCG Stocks in India

Did you know that a healthy investment can also be made in small-cap companies? We spend a lot on everyday goods and so, there are a plethora of companies to choose from. Simply put, for the same product, we have multiple alternatives. For example, Indian Spices have numerous sellers, like MDH, Everest, etc. Such goods are classified under the category of fast-moving consumer goods, or FMCGs. These are the products you usually find in a retail outlet, online store, etc.

SEBI Changes Guidelines and Now Clients Need to Pay Margin Upfront

Did you know that Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian businessman, chairman of Reliance Group and controls Reliance Capital, Reliance Power, Reliance Infrastructure, and Reliance Communications. When liabilities are factored in, Anil Ambani’s investments, which were worth more than $7 billion in 2012, are now worth only $89 million, leaving him with no net worth. Mukesh Ambani, another rich Indian billionaire, acts as the company’s chairman and managing director of Reliance Group. 

All About Ex-Dividend and Record Date

Did you know that Warren Edward Buffett has been widely recognized as the most successful investor in history, having accumulated 99.6% of his 87.6 billion wealth after the age of 52. When he turned 65, his fortune had grown to $72 billion. He began investing at the age of 11 and did his first tax filing at the age of 13. Buffett led Berkshire Hathaway, a hedge fund with more than 60 firms, for many years. He is currently the richest and most powerful person alive. His net worth is at $104.6 billion USD.

Types of Charts in Stock Market

Did you know that when it comes to the stock market, the most commonly used terms are ‘Bull market’ and ‘Bear market’? A Bull market signifies an increase in stock market prices. Since a bull’s horns point upwards, it represents upward movement. The Bear market, on the other hand, denotes a decline in stock market prices. When a Bear confronts a Bull, it is claimed that his palm is facing the ground. As a result, a Bear market is comparable to a declining market.

Passive Income Through Trading

Did you know that the number of investment properties you can buy or the amount of money you can make in the stock market have no upper limit? It may sound like a pipe dream, but day trading online in 2022 can generate passive income. Can it, however, also come to pass? Here are some strategies to make passive income that include being a limited partner in a partnership to help you with that. Ordinary people might, however, look for additional opportunities to put their money to work for them. Then, we’ll look at ways to get passive income using a variety of trading strategies and more.