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About Paper Trading

Paper trading is a way for people to learn how to buy and sell stocks without using real money. Investors use stock market simulators, and the people who generate the highest stock market returns are technically the “winners.” Except there are no losers here — the money used isn't real, so there’s no risk. But what’s best about paper trading is the invaluable experience it provides new investors. Anyone can get their feet wet in a simulator before diving head first into the real stock market, where real money is at stake.

Paper trading allows you to do everything from buying stocks to selling them back again. You can even set up an account with your broker or online platform of choice and start making trades automatically for you—just like playing a video game! The only thing left to do is test out your skills against other investors by seeing which ones are better at making money than you are, and then take those skills into real life.

Paper trading is a great way to test out your trading strategies. It's frequently used by first-time traders and veteran traders alike to practice trading or test the viability of their trading strategies.

Paper trading allows you to practice buying and selling securities without risking any capital.

It's also an easy way to get started on a platform like Nuuu, which offer clients paper trading simulator.


How much virtual money is available once I sign up for Nuuu Paper Trading?

A) You will have ₹10,00,000 virtual money credited in your account once you sign

What are the functions of the National Stock Exchange of India?

A) Yes, you can sign up for Nuuu Paper Trading for zero charge

What is Nifty 50 in the National Stock Exchange (NSE)?

A) You will be virtual trading with real-time data